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‘You can't do everything you want to do, you've got to do what's necessary.Chuck Green

In my own choreography work, I build on the stylizations, vocabulary and traditions of the art forms I am trained in while also searching for my own expression and movement that feels natural and gives me joy. I am getting inspired by the musical inventions in the songs but I am also looking for my own rhythmical ideas that would underline the story of dancing and music.
One of my biggest inspirations in choreography is Bob Fosse for his eye for detail, timing and dynamics.
I love to choreograph for performing artists, video clips, for professionals or amateurs and I am looking for a balance between dance-challenging ideas and simplicity that underlines the movement, the atmosphere and what is necessary for telling a story.

Choreography: Services


I started to work on this choreography with the idea that I am dancing as if nobody is watching, free to move my body as I want, make choices I like and see where it goes. You can guess that was hard! The process was long and I doubted every move. For encouragement I wrote down in my notes: “Everything is possible, it’s a dream, don’t stop yourself.” Creating the choreography made me reflect on my patterns of thinking and working. In the end, the work became not only about dancing as if nobody is watching, it became also about me not “getting in the way” and giving myself the space to dance, to enjoy, to be and to dream.

Big thanks to Eric Bobrie whose beautiful camera work and editing created the atmosphere I was dreaming of.

I also want to thank the municipality Etterbeek in Brussels for letting us film in the beautifully renovated Maison Hap in Felix Hap Park.

Song: In the Still of the Night composed by Cole Porter and played by Oscar Peterson trio

Choreography: Video

Close your eyes

After moving away from Gent where I lived and danced for 5 years, I wanted to remember the places that became important to me during this period. Places where I practiced, where I went when I felt bad or good...This film is a personal memory, expressed through my choreography with which I tried to combine different styles that were influencing me for years. The choreography is based on Close your eyes by Jo Jones trio, a song I learned to know in Hot Club de Gang, a local jazz bar.
Video and editing: Nuno Neves

Choreography: Video
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